Superhero Stride


So now that beloved’s foot is on the mend, she’s started to join me on different walks. A few weeks ago she came along with me for the Mother’s Day Classic, and this weekend just gone we both did the Superhero Stride.

This one was to raise money for the rescue chopper. An important cause, one we both wanted to get behind. Because when you’re in an horrific accident, you need some angel to drop from the sky, get you stable and then whisk you off to hospital. We’ve both known people who have needed the rescue chopper, and recently the man friend of someone very dear to us was helped by these folks. So yes, we were absolutely in.

The thing about fun runs, or walks, is that generally they are being held for a particular reason. Usually to try to raise money or awareness regarding something specific. Now, because I am trying to do at least one a month (I’m doing three this month!), I tend to pick and choose which ones I actually try to drum up donations for. My entry fee usually goes to the cause, so I know I have already done my bit. And let’s face it. Cash is scarce and times are pretty damn tough. For me, the doing of fun runs is often more about breaking down that barrier of feeling like I’m too fat or too unfit for this kind of thing. Because I’m not. Not either of those things. If you can propel yourself in a forwards fashion for the distance, you’ll be fine. In fact even if you can’t do the full distance you’ll be fine. Just turn around when you’re feeling halfway finished.

It’s been peculiar. So much of the last 9 months has been more about discovering what I can do, after spending so many years very much aware of everything I couldn’t do. So every time I do something new, I get this little surge of bubbly pride. It’s quite nice really. Sometimes it feels like trapped wind, but mostly it’s quite nice.

One of the more annoying things I can do now is feel cold. I never realised how cold weather could get. Who knew my insulation was being so helpful? Certainly not me.

Anyway, anyway, the Superhero Stride.

It was a dress-up occasion, which I was thrilled about. I love love love dress ups!! SO MUCH FUN.

So here’s us. At the Newcastle Superhero Stride.


Can you tell who we are?

Here’s a hint:



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