Ho ho ho


If you didn’t know the Santa Run was on today you would have had a bit of a shock if you drove through Newcastle. I knew it was on, obviously, as I was bearded up and jingling all the way. But look!!


There were hundreds of Santas. All shapes. All sizes. All wearing red and beards and joggers. And in the above photo, all warming up.

My sister drove up from the Hawkesbury to run with me. She’s awesome. Beloved is sporting a heel spur so she cheered me on. Beloved is also awesome.


So! You’d think that with a crowd of Santas all running the same track, it would be borderline impossible to get lost, wouldn’t you. Not so, my friends! My sister and I didn’t listen properly and ran/walked straight past the drink station that marked the 3km turn-around point. It wasn’t until we passed the dog beach that we thought something might be wrong. Instead of doing the 3km, we did 4km. And that is how I got lost in my first fun run.

Here’s something I learned: It is much easier to run on solid ground then it is on a treadmill.

Something else: Everyone was NICE and nobody looked at me like I had two heads for even attempting this kind of thing. Everyone was totally involved in what they were doing.

One more thing?

When you finally do something you’ve wanted to be able to do for months, it feels good. And you grin like an idiot for hours afterwards. And then you start thinking about the next one, and wondering when you might be able to do it again. And it doesn’t matter what you look like or how fast you go or even if you get lost along the way. What matters is that you do it.

And I did.


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