All Dressed Up


There’s a new layout on my blog writing thing and it’s slightly offputting. I have this feeling that I’m about to publish a blog to an entirely different universe but what the hell. Let’s see what happens.

After the fancy dress party on the weekend for beloved’s son, I was discussing the various costumes that I’ve come up with over the last few years. You see I love dressing up. I frigging love it. So I program dress up nights into my Cub program as often as I can. I thought the time was right to take you on a fancy dress trip down memory lane. Inspiration, ideas, down right idiocy, it’s all here. None of these costumes cost more than $15 to pull together. And each is more ridiculous than the next.

So strap yourself in! Here we go.


First cab off the rank is the cat in the litter box. This was for my friend’s Crazy Cat Lady party. Please note the actual kitty litter, and the (fake) poo.


Pirate Night was for Cubs. This was a dress up night that was actually badge work – Codes and Signals. SO. MUCH. FUN. The pirate shirt got another run a few years later:


Beloved’s daughter had a Carnival themed 18th. She’s now planning her 21st and that is going to be one hell of a challenge. I’m a fortune telling machine, kind of like the thing in Big that sets Tom Hanks off on his crazy adventure as a big person.


You know those friends you have where you’re so frigging honoured that they picked you to be in their life? Well my one of those friends had a 50’s housewife kitchen tea. I was still unable to walk when that one rolled around, so I wasn’t going to be able to rock a bubble skirt and high heels. Actually I can’t do that anyway. So this is what I came up with.

The same legend chicky had a Circus themed 30th. She issued the challenge for someone to go as the “blow job clown”. You know, the clowns with the mouth open wide waiting for someone to shove balls into it. Challenge: accepted.


What’s next…


Cowboys and Indians night at Cubs! This one is totally out of focus but gosh it was a good night. I remember telling the kids I wanted to see at least one horse. AND I GOT MY HORSE!


Medieval night at Cubs was the night I scared some of my younger kids. These pustules were truly gross. They’re made out of bubble wrap. The joy was that it was a hot night, and because they were secured with bandaids, they eventually filled with sweat and condensation. So I was able to pop them. Brilliant.


We also had a rock n roll night. I can’t remember the reasoning behind this one but does it matter?

And this brings us back to the most recent costume, Gru.


My reasoning with dress ups is that you either throw everything into it, or you don’t bother. And the person dressed up will never look like the goose – it’s the person who doesn’t try that ends up looking silly.

Do you like dress ups? Have any costumes of note?


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  1. Ha, a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away my little sister had a star wars 21st! Back when there were the 3 true star wars, none of this new fangled palaver. I thought that there was no way I’d be the only Leia with big cinnamon donut scrolls attached to a headband with gaffa tape! Of course I splashed out and sprayed the whole lot with black hairspray. Oh, and I bought a white tshirt hoody from disco city (this was the very early 90s) and managed to slip into my white jeans from the mid 80s. It was hysterical!! Even better was that we convinced Dad to grow his last beard (he stopped growing the occasional beard as it was going grey) and come as Obi Wan, the Giver of Knowledge. Dad lapped it up, and other friends came up with goods with an african woollen hooded guys caftan thing for him to wear. That and one of my little brothers light sabers which had been hanging around the house for decades and he was set! My sister went as Luke, and the brother as Han! Such fun!


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