We got this face paint that says it comes off really easily. I slathered beloved’s face and hair in the stuff, then went to wash my hands. My hands didn’t realise that the face paint was meant to come off easily so it stayed on my hands. After doing several loads of dishes and numerous toilet trips, and a shower this morning, I still have yellow on my hands.

Things aren’t looking good for beloved tomorrow when she goes to work.

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

She’s a minion!

Beloved’s son turned 18 this week so that meant a party to deal with. It was hero and villian themed. I’m Gru, who I am told is the bad dude in Despicable Me. Here’s a better look at those costumes:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

I have been told that Gru is the villian who didn’t turn out to be a villian. This is good to know, particularly in the light of racist hatred that has been the result of the terror attack in Paris during the last 24 hours.

Source: unknown

Source: unknown

I don’t know what is going to happen with all the hate in the world at the moment. But for the handful of arseholes that were responsible for the attacks in Paris, there are many more people rising up with love as their response.

An unknown man rode his bike to the scene of one of the attacks. He was towing a piano. He started playing, roughly ten metres from the Bataclan Theatre. He played Imagine by John Lennon. A crowd gathered. With a white peace sign scrawled on the piano, he played the notes that are known worldwide. He created unity. Sent a message of hope, of how to respond.

Just imagine.


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