Of Neil Diamond, Wet Knickers, and Hundreds of White Paper Bags


It’s been a busy few days here in the Naughty Corner, which is my vague attempt of explaining why I’ve missed a couple of posts. But never fear, the catch up blog is here!

Friday, I was pouring my bowl of Special K when the phone rang. As a rule I tend to avoid numbers that come up as private, so I’m not sure what particular vein of boldness came to surface. But answer I did, and I received the happy news that I had won two tickets to NEIL DIAMOND! I was chuffed! I rang Dad to tell him that his Christmas present had come early, but he had bowls and golf. So my sister came and we froze are butts off together.

You see, as we walked into the vineyard where the concert was held, the heavens opened. They opened like mother fuckers. It poured, it thundered, the wind picked up and the rain got bigger and fuller and heavier. All around us was a sea of well dressed people scurrying to get themselves and their wine under those poncho rain coat things that in supermarkets might set you back $2, but at the vineyards they cost more than double that. My sister and I did not have ponchos. We finally found our seats in the downpour, sat in sizeable puddles, and started the famous family giggle that has gotten us into trouble so many times in the past.

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

We had fantastic seats, but for one reason or another the sound seemed to wash straight over the top of us. It was about halfway through that I realised I needed a wee. My sister almost snapped her legs trying to stand up to accompany me, so cold she was. We found port-a-loo strip, and I took one look at the crowd of people waiting and realised that no. This would not do for my delicate bottom. The rain fired up again and my sister and I looked at each other. We made the decision to leave early, simply due to the cold, the walk we had to do that was quickly becoming a slippery, clay filled quagmire of hazards, and the fact that everything we were wearing, including our undies, was totally, utterly drenched.

But before Neil Diamond, was Relay For Life.

If you aren’t familiar with what Relay For Life is, the answer is easy. It’s about hope. Hope, and raising awareness and funds for the Cancer Council. If you want to find out more and perhaps even start a team for 2016, here is the link to the Newcastle/Lake Macquarie Relay For Life. I was there bright and early as a Cub Scout Leader. We had volunteered to lend Relay For Life a hand this year. I set up my activities (reef knots and pop rockets), hung my Scouting paraphernalia, then sourced out the best source of caffeine available. My small and select army of helpers arrived throughout the day, but our main job was to set up this incredible sign. It’s made up of paper bags, sand and battery operated candles. When the sun goes down, the candles get turned on.

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

Sunday was a day that was focused on recovery.

Monday rolled around, jaunty and full of itself. I too was feeling jaunty and full of myself, so I took myself off to the gym. Did a quick warm up, started boxing with my brilliant trainer, and then I couldn’t breathe. Hello, asthma, you cow of a thing.

But today is Tuesday. Things look better today. My undies are dry, hope is still alive and I can breathe.

All is well.

How was your weekend?


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