“Click Submit”


That’s what it said. And I did.

Last night I signed up for my first ever fun run. I’m doing the Variety Santa Run in December, the weekend after my birthday. Variety Children’s Charity supports Aussie kids who are disadvantaged. I spend a lot of time hanging out with kids. They’re fun. But there are so many ways that they can be disadvantaged. It might be related to poverty, to health, to disability. But as I found out more about Variety, I knew that this was a cause I should get behind.

I’m generally very obedient, when it comes to inanimate objects telling me what to do. Take for example this photo from a wedding I attended last year:

Aye aye, Cap'n. Image by The Naughty Corner.

Aye aye, Cap’n. Image by The Naughty Corner.

In fact, the one and only reason why I would ever consider using an iPhone is so that I could chat to Siri. I often exchange wisdom with her on my beloved’s phone (much to beloved’s frustration). But really, Siri likes to listen, she likes to help, she makes great suggestions – so why wouldn’t I enjoy chatting with her?

I remember just after the big storms in Newcastle earlier this year, beloved and I were driving to the shops. We passed a massive sign that I imagine had been put up due to the number of people taking green waste to the tip, following the destruction of the storms. The sign said: “TIP: KEEP LEFT”. Beloved saw it, and immediately changed into the left hand lane. I was surprised, and asked her what she was doing. It was like a penny dropped and she started giggling like crazy. You see, beloved thought that the sign was offering a general tip for driving. To keep left. But really, it was telling people that if they were going to the tip, then they should stay in the left hand lane.

I’ve totally over-explained that, haven’t I.

Anyway anyway, the whole point of this post is that I’m hoping if I tell you that I am doing the Santa run for Variety, and that you can sponsor me, with all money going to Variety to help support Aussie kids, then you might be inclined to sponsor me.

Here’s how you do it!

Just click here!

Have you done the Santa run? Do the words “fun” and “run” really belong in the same sentence?


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