Pie Night


It’s pie night tonight.

Pie night is usually saved for Fridays during the football season, and it is an absolute favourite for my beloved.

It’s pretty simple – a heap of veges thrown in with some chicken in a mushroomy sauce (or a cheesy sauce or whatever I can find), with some puff pastry on the top and baked for about 30 minutes. But it’s like a big old hug, and given I do most of it in the slow cooker, it’s an easy dinner.

As I write this, the pie is in the oven with the pastry starting to puff in a very satisfying way. Which means I’ve got about 15 minutes to write this blog.

The last couple of days have been busy. I had a trial meeting with a client for my new job, and it went well. But it left me feeling a bit sad, and a bit anxious. Because the thing is, the people I will be working with are vulnerable. And they rely on me to be a decent person – someone who will respect them and honour them and promote their needs. I have no problem with this because this is how I try to treat everyone in my world. But there are some people who don’t act this way, and one of them is in charge of all of Australia at the moment, and it’s heartbreaking.

It never pays to assume. To assume decency or to assume that you’ll get change or assume that a certain size will fit you. You have try things on and test them out and make sure that they’re worth trusting. I’m a big fan of giving people respect, and then seeing what they do with it. From experience, I’ve observed that they either rise up and meet that respect and it becomes a mutual thing, or they act in ways that slowly erodes it. Then it’s up to them to act in ways that slowly earns that respect back.

I’ve been sore today. It’s crap. 15 days til surgery. I’ve been hooking:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

That’s for Little Miss A. Love her guts and I haven’t met her yet. She’s been on earth for a fairly short time, but I get to meet her soon and I am thrilled to buggery. We’re heading up north for a writing workshop with the gorgeous and talented Mandy Nolan. So, hopefully we’ll get to meet Little Miss A, and see E, K and I as well. Oh, and their parents. Who are awesome.

The timer has just gone off and I’ve written a blog about not much really. Sorry about that.

Here’s the pie:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

How has your day been?


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  1. The pie looks divine! Another frustrating day hunting for an apartment in Berlin. The real estate agents take so long to organise a viewing (if they even reply to your email) then you find there’s 6 scheduled for 4pm in different suburbs (they all love 4pm for some reason). Then you apply which means lots of time with google translate, they you have to scan and send with 8 other documents and then you wait for the owner (usually some old man) to decide if you can have the place. So slow when you are desperately trying to find somewhere to live!


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