Some Thinkings


Did you ever watch A Country Practice? It was on channel 7 here in Australia for many years, and I loved it.

There was a character in it called Molly, Molly had cancer and she died lying on a couch watching her husband, Brendan and their daughter, Chloe, playing outside. Flying kites, from memory.

This scene comes to mind often, because more often than not I am finding myself watching my beloved throwing the disc for Scouty or the elephant for Harry and Zel, and I’m stuck on the bench, just watching because I’m stuck. Not because of cancer but because of pain, and it’s fucked up.

When I buy an avocado on Saturday I kind of want to be able to cut it open on Monday without this happening. Thanks, Woolworths.

Woolies, you are not the fresh food people. Image by The Naughty Corner

Woolies, you are not the fresh food people. Image by The Naughty Corner

There’s a writing competition coming up, and the theme is Grieve. Because it’s a competition there will be winners and losers. So hey, you might win with your grief. Your grief might be the winningest grief in all the land. And if you don’t win then maybe you can write about the grief it causes you next year.

I’m consistently the last person who notices how dirty my glasses are. I don’t care if they’re dirty. I see right through them, anyway.

The Bear got robbed yesterday. She was on the loo and heard someone walk into her house. She wasn’t in a position to chase after them. All sorts of shit would have gone down. But she yelled out and she heard a noise. Anyway turns out they took her purse and I’m pretty cross about it. What kind of person walks straight in to someone’s home and swipes their purse while they’re on the loo?

Oh, and it looks like there’s a chance, a whisper, a maybe that Skunk might be about to ride again…

That’s all I have.


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