Bed Goes Up


I caught up with the foot surgeon again today. You might remember our initial meeting – and to his credit, his good humour hasn’t wavered one little bit. Today, I was on my own as my beloved had bigger fish to fry. So it is little wonder that I got a bit bored while I waited on the surgeon’s bed.

I was sitting there, gazing around at the room:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

And as I kicked my legs back and forth, my left foot connected with something under the bed. I leaned forward to see what it was, and my eyes fell upon a pedal type thing. Well, it was two pedals. One was labelled “UP” and the other “DOWN”.

I carefully waved my toe towards the up pedal and the bed went up!

Then I tapped on the down pedal, and the bed went down!

The next few minutes were a bit like this:

Until my foot got a bit stuck, and the bed shot upwards until my foot was no longer able to reach the pedal.

The dear surgeon came into the room in time to find me suspended halfway up the wall, my feet dangling in mid air and a look of pure guilt on my face.

He smiled, worked out what had happened but let me explain. And apologise.

He kept me up there until it was time for me to leave, though.

And side note – I’m getting that Achilles release in just over a month. Which means that in two months? My life can start coming back together.

I am so freaking excited!


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