Creative Types


This isn’t a sponsored post, but it is a hefty plug for a mate’s upcoming art exhibition and studio.

Do you know any of these people?

blessedI’m one. My beloved is one. Lots of my friends are people like this. It’s great fun. I know candle makers and writers and designers and arters and all sorts of things. It’s a whole different take on the world, and it is good.

A friend of mine, Fee Madigan, is a Newcastle local and she runs this place, in Wallsend:

Fee does awesome stuff here, and has workshops and classes that pretty much anyone can attend. I’ve done a fused glass class and I wasn’t very good at it. My beloved is very good with it, and Fee is downright spectacular.

Fee made this:

"From the Ashes", by Fee Madigan. Image by The Naughty Corner.

“From the Ashes”, by Fee Madigan. Image by The Naughty Corner.

From The Ashes is a piece of fused glass, mounted in a chunk of Newcastle Apple Gum. The fusion process happens in a kiln. Kind of like pottery, but not really. I think it’s at a different temperature or something. Either way, the end result is generally pretty spectacular:

"The Free Ending", by Fee Madigan. Image by The Naughty Corner

“The Free Ending”, by Fee Madigan. Image by The Naughty Corner

Fee made these pieces in between running classes at Art Mania Studio. There are classes for kids, teens, adults, people with disabilities, people with prior experience, people who have never picked up a creative implement in their life. And she really does get a complete cross-section of people walking into Art Mania every single day. There’s no competitiveness, no judgement, just a total embracing of the arts.

My beloved and I spend a fair bit of time there. She buys the equipment she needs, and I wander around poking at stuff and taking pictures. It’s a fantastic space to be in. Fee gives a lot to Art Mania.

Which is why I am so freaking excited that she is having her very own exhibition! It kicks off on the 30th of January, at Art Systems in Wickham. It runs for two weeks, and also features work from three other local artists, all of whom are developing their skills and knowledge through workshops at Art Mania Studio. I’m helping out with words for the exhibition, which has involved more dinners and yacking then you’d expect.

As a person, Fee has run the gauntlet of experiences and emotions. But through it all, she has kept creating and kept empowering herself and others through art. I think this is brilliant – instead of internalising everything and getting all tied up in angst and stress, she channels it into making the world more beautiful.

Now, I reckon every person I know is either actively creative, or admires creativity.

So I had a chat to Fee, and we decided that it was time for someone from The Naughty Corner to visit Art Mania Studios.

Interested? Yes? Good!

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Check out the Art Mania Studio website.

2. Take a look at the different classes that are on offer at Art Mania.

3. Comment here on the blog, or on the Facebook page, and tell me what class you would like to attend and why.

4. Fee will pick one lucky person to join a class for FREE!

Entries need to be in by 5pm, Friday the 30th of January. Winners will be announced on Monday the 2nd of February. Remember that Art Mania Studio is located in Wallsend, near Newcastle NSW – make sure you can get yourself there!

If you miss out on the competition, you can still go and check out Fee’s incredible work at Art Systems Wickham. Opening night is the 30th of January at 6pm. Kids are welcome. You might even bump into my beloved and I!

OK, what are you waiting for? Go and check out the classes!


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