The Best Way to be Safe on Social Media


Last night I witnessed a flurry of frantic Facebooking. Every post said the same thing, because you had to COPY and PASTE it, not just share it:



Then, without doubt, someone would comment on the post informing the poster that it was a hoax.

One of my mates went a step further, and totally won the Internet with this status this morning:

As of January 6th 2015 I hereby give notice that I blindly copy and paste any stupid thing that shows up on my news feed in Facebook without spending even one minute of time to find out if it is true or not.

There are two things to say here.

1. The best way to be 100% safe on social media is this: Don’t use it. But, if like most people, you quite enjoy using TwitFace and so on, and therefore don’t want to stop using it, then be wise about how you use it. Don’t put stuff up that you don’t want to come back and bite you in the arse. Are you OK with five million selfies haunting you in twenty years? Yes? OK then, carry on. Are you OK with someone taking a screenshot of a message you sent to them and then sharing it all over the shop? No? Well maybe talk to them on the phone instead of sending a message. Don’t want your photos shared or re-used? Be selective with what you put up.

2. There’s a little box that you have to check when you sign up to anything online. It’s got to do with terms and conditions or some shit, and I never read them. Same as everyone else. It’s the biggest, most regularly recurring fib that we all tell every single day. But copying and pasting this declaration doesn’t override the terms and conditions that you agreed to. So again, it comes back to #1 – don’t use it, or be wise about it.


Not relating to the copy paste shenanigans last night, because in that instance it is fair enough. But I have to say, I feel a bit like people are ripping the wings off butterflies when they debunk myths or shared stories of recovery or scientific explanations for stuff. I imagine the world is a bit nicer if you don’t know what’s happening sometimes. There are times when ignorance is indeed bliss. And aren’t there enough disappointments in life without someone telling you that glow worms don’t actually glow or Santa isn’t real or the funds actually went towards a holiday?

Except for when people debunk that ridiculous pensioners vs refugee benefits thing. That’s a TOTAL LIE and has been created to fuel dissension and intolerance, and it NEEDS to be slammed every time you see someone post it.

Look, I don’t know. But I reckon if you try to be a person you’re not ashamed of, then you’ll be fine.

What do you think?


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