Wednesday is the day after our neighbour found Fidge in one of the bushes in his backyard. She stumbled out when he was mowing. She just lay there, with her head looking, unable to move. My beloved collected her and we raced her to the vet.

Wednesday is the day when we picked her up from the overnight animal hospital and took her back to her vet. She’s started to perk up. She’s swiping and while she still has no meow and no real movement, she’s looking better. She’s fighting.

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

Wednesday is the day that we start boiling the Christmas puddings. I used my Nan’s recipe, and today is stage 2 – the boil. I was a bit tipsy from the fumes of the pudding mix yesterday. My nan taught me that when you make the Christmas pudding, everyone should stir it for good luck. So I rang people and got them to make a wish while I stirred.

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

Wednesday is also the day after the siege ended in Sydney. It ended badly. One man who died is now being labelled a hero, which is what he is. Sadly though, the Huffington Post has referred to him as the “Gay Hero of Sydney”. I think they were trying to promote equality or acceptance or something, but what they’ve actually done, as far as I can see, is remove those very things. He’s a hero. That’s enough, isn’t it? God knows, I want equality. But I don’t think this is actually going to to anything for the cause. It’s bringing a political agenda into a total tragedy. And that isn’t promoting equality – that’s taking advantage of a senseless and horrific act of violence.

Wednesday is also the day that my Dad celebrates his birthday. I love my old boy. He’s another man that is worthy of hero status.

Wednesday is also the last day of school for most of the kids in NSW. One in particular has her “Year 6 Clap Out” this afternoon – the entire school lines up and applauds the year six students as they leave the gates for the last time. And today of all days, every parent there is going to be thankful that they have the chance to see their kids achieve these things. Because you just can’t assume, and if life teaches us anything, it has to be that.

How is your Wednesday?


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  1. Great post, i boiled my christmas pudding today too and its currently hanging in the bathroom (not really many hanging places in a rental). I’ve spent the afternoon doing a table of games conferences around the world in 2015 (as Chris is making a board game) and spent tonight doing my Hausaufgarbe (homework). Bloody awful news this week from Australia and Pakistan (and no doubt everywhere else in the world). I also had the experience of visiting the doctor for more antidepressants. I usually take 50mg in Aust, here they are only 37.5, 75 mg. Hoping the lower dose doesn’t lead to a hideous hit of the black cloud….ps – i never knew drug doses were different in different countries…


    • Wow neither did I Cate, what a pain that must be. Stay aware of yourself, that’s always the best tip I have. The games sound like a fantastic distraction!! Have you played Tenzi? Personal fave xxx


    • Hey Tegan! Glad to see you here!! Yeah Fidge is still pretty rough but she’s hanging in there so far. And I know it’s a total joke, and I think it’s even worse that they seem to have done it to promote equality – way to shoot ourselves in the foot!! xx


  2. I’ve been checking in and enjoying your blog for a while now. I’m basically a reader, not a writer, so no comments ’til now but being a cat lover I want to wish Fidge a speedy recovery. We don’t have a problem with ticks here in Adelaide thank goodness. The sound nasty. Hope Fidge is ok.


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