Monday is a day when a perfect stranger grabs her toddler and her husband and comes to our house and helps us look for our cat. We found a paralysis tick on her yesterday and she wriggled out of our grasp before we could get her to a vet. Hurry home, Fidge.

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

Monday is a day when my beloved dedicates her time to updating a set of shelves for a mate.

Monday is a day when my beloved has to ring her daughter and tell her about Fidge.

Monday is a day when we tell as many people as we can about how to remove a tick – cover it in Vaseline and the tick suffocates and backs out of the crater it has made, and it can be removed easily.

Monday is a day when we talk about the neighbours we have met while we searched, and the people that live around us.

Monday is also a day when people have these faces:



Image source:

Image source:

This is in Sydney. There’s a siege happening in a cafe. Our media has been swallowed up by this today. I don’t know what to think about it, but I do know this: the people involved? Their lives changed forever today.

There’s a single person orchestrating this siege, we are told.

There have been many, many people involved in helping us search for our Fidget.

More people will help you than will trap you and terrorise you.

It’s worth remembering.

At the end of today, my hope is simple: safety, love, peace and comfort.

For the people involved in the siege, and for Fidge.


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  1. With the things that are going on today, people are showing what the true Australian Spirit is all about. Helping neighbours, supporting strangers, doing their best to make sure that complete strangers feel safe.

    I hope you find Fidge!

    I hope people continue to help each other and support each other the way I have seen today.


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