I’m sitting with my foot elevated with an ice pack on it, with Zelda next to me trying bravely to manage evening eight of storms. The vet told us to give her a quarter of a tablet to help her through storms, but we decided that was too much and now she is sitting between my leg and the arm of the couch with her Thundercoat on and an eighth of a tablet on board. She’s still shaking but she is safe and loved and doing OK.

This is the look I got just before I gave her her tablet. Her ears are back and her body was shaking.

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

It’s easy to think medication is the easy solution. It’s not. Zelda is 8 now and has experienced many storms. We’ve tried all sorts of things for her. This was a last resort. The problem is, I worry about the impact of eight days of stress from storms on her tiny little body. Lesser of the two evils? Yep. She’s asleep now and the thunder is cracking off like crazy, with lightening and associated madness. Her heart isn’t racing and her body isn’t trembling and her breathing is slow and steady. That’s a win.

I started on a new anxiety medication recently. It seems OK. Don’t know yet. But I know I navigated a dinner with a bunch of people last night without going into panic mode. And I’m sleeping better. So why the fuck are we so guarded about medication then, hey? I’m yet to meet anyone who hasn’t thought through their options long and hard before making a decision when it comes to meds to help out with stuff like anxiety. Would people be as judgemental if it was Insulin or Ventolin? I doubt it. But sometimes the toughest critic is ourselves.

We need to lighten the fuck up.

Anyway anyway, today I went along to play at The Cuppy Lady’s house. You might remember her from those cupcakes. Today we were making peanut butter cups, and it might not look it but this is a mixing bowl of pure awesome:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

I’m just chatting with a beautiful friend on Facebook while I write this blog and she says it well.

Sometimes (like, all the time) it takes a while to find beautiful people. But some need to shuffle through the shit to find the good beans.

Look, I know this blog post has kind of covered a few things today. We’ve gone from anxious dogs to medication to vagina cupcakes and peanut butter and we’ve ended up with shuffling shit.

I think that’s pretty good though. It reflects where I am on a Sunday.

Thankful. And that’s pretty good.


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  1. I had a 50kg German Shephard with anxiety that we had to medicate with human Valium. Felt terrible doing it & only did in extreme cases like storms and fireworks etc. Eventually even the Valium didn’t help & when he growled and snapped at my then 15month old I made the decision to have him put down. The vet then counselled me, telling me that once a dog was medicated that Valium caused ‘misplaced aggression’ but I still felt like a total Ahole for my decision. In saying that I saw the outcome of a poor cat that came into our backyard by accident…. Split seconds couldn’t saved that cat. At least it wasn’t my child


  2. i know what you mean about meds. I’ve been on psych meds for 20 years. Although it still shits me when a normal emotional reaction, being vague and forgetting something etc (like normal people do apparently) is pathologised with the question: Have you had your medication today? gah !


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