Celebrate People.


My beloved and I went to a celebration of people on the weekend that was cleverly disguised as a wedding. The wedding was for two of the kindest and most beautiful people you could ever hope to meet, but all the way through the wedding was this total theme of valuing others, and it was one of the best things I have ever seen in my life.

There aren’t words that are rich enough to describe these people. Not just the bride and groom, but their family and the people who were there. The bride told us to try to get to know each other, because we deserve to meet great people. And she was right. There were some top shelf people there. And every single one of the people I spoke to sung the never-ending praises of the couple in question.

It was one of those nights when you know you’re not just witnessing, but a part of something amazing.

Things like hay bales, with “Thank You” gifts nestled at the base:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

And these weren’t just any thank you gifts. These were made with total love and dedication by Granny, who is (by all accounts and observations) one amazing woman. Can’t wait to break into our jar, Granny.

Things like a party area that looked like a fairyland. In fact, one little tiny fairy tiptoed past me carefully, then suddenly paused. I asked her if she was OK and she said, “I’ve just got a little bindy”.

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

Things like this pink stuff that made me feel hugely hungover a little bit ill the morning after. To be fair, the pink stuff partied in my tummy with several other drinks, so I cannot solely blame the pink stuff:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

And things like the photobooth, that gave us the chance to leave a message for the pair, and also to take home a strip of pics to remind us of the friendship, the celebration, the love, the joy, the sincerity and the amazing priveledge it was to be a part of a day that existed to note love, but reminded me of so much more.

I’ve been reminded to see myself the way other people see me. I’ve been reminded that every person that we meet has an entire story and life and heart full of love behind their eyes. I’ve been reminded to celebrate people, for as long as I have them, to celebrate them.

And I’ve been reminded that life really, really is pretty damn good.

To A and M – may your happily ever after rise up to greet you, to embrace you, and to lead you on journeys that will arm you with stories and experiences that help the world get to know you more and more every day.

We need more like you.

Photoboothing it with my beloved.

Photoboothing it with my beloved.


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