A latte with one: Reasons why life is enough


Hello from my recovery position of the lounge! I have been enjoying a totally uneventful recovery and my ankle feels really good so far.

But that’s not what I want to blog about today.

Here is what I want to blog about:

I was out today with my beloved. When I am home, I use crutches. When I am out, I use a wheelchair. She’d ducked into the bank and so I carried on through the shops, rolling along quite happily. Stopped to rest my arms for a while, and people-watched.

My eyes fell on a yellow coffee cart, which was relatively new to the shopping strip. I was at Glendale in Newcastle NSW. It struck me as a strange thing to see, given the numerous coffee shops in the area. Didn’t think much of it. Kept looking and soaking up life.

Then a man smiled at me from behind the coffee cart and asked me what had happened to my foot. I told him and he asked how long I was in hospital for, and I told him that, too. He smiled again and said that he knew hospital could be pretty boring, because his son had spent six months in one last year. He asked more about why my ankle broke and asked lots of questions, and I answered them and asked him questions, too.

His son is eleven and this month is the first anniversary of his kidney transplant.

His son is growing and thriving and eating and not vomiting for the first time ever and he smiles right down deep in his eyes while he tells me about his son.

And I love him, even though I don’t know him, and I am not sure if I love him or his son or both. It’s a beautiful story.

He offered me a coffee and he made me a latte with one sugar and it was great.

He talked to me about his wife, who donated a kidney to their son. He told me about the cruise he took her on to thank her and to celebrate. He told me about anti-rejection drugs and about the family holiday scheduled for the end of the year.

And then, he told me about how thankful he is.

To be in Australia and to have had the opportunity for his son to live. And that really, even when life is mixed up and hard and shitful, we’re still alive and that is enough.

I thanked him and drank my latte.

If you live in Newcastle and you see him at Glendale, say hello.


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