Rub a dub dub


We’ve decided that during the school term, the WiFi gets turned off at 10pm.

This is good, for many reasons, most of all because it encourages us to go to bed without faces full of screens.

But there is a definite downside: I tend to blog at night, which means that I’m having to get my head around reorganising my writing routines. This bit me on the bottom last night, as I had a Naughty Corner full of people waiting to find out who had won the massage that is currently on offer on the Facebook page for this blog!

Here’s how it happened.

Last week, after telling you about my crappy experience trying to park a truck, getting stuck in a storm and generally losing my shit, I received a message from Mel at Hunter Massage. She offered my beloved and I a free massage. I was blown away by her generosity but also by her care. Stunned. The glorious thing about poor self esteem is that you’re never really sure if you are worth much. Well, the delightful Mel showed me that indeed I am. She also showed me that I’m not just writing into nothingness, which is so affirming.

We went along for our massages and walked along Newcastle Beach to get there. Hunter Massage operates out of the Surf Life Saving Club, three days a week. So it was stunning, to soak up some sun and that sea air, knowing that relaxation is well on the way.

Which reminds me of the time when I was at university, and writing a linguistics essay. With no time for spell check, I submitted an essay that suggested that communication was the sharing of massages. Massages. Not messages, massages.

I went first, and got my beloved to take this photo:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

I spent the massage in my happy place, and it got me wondering: What is YOUR happy place? I had a chat to Mel and she agreed to gift one lucky Naughty Corner fan with a massage. So I put out the call: Show me your happy place!

After the entries were tallied, the selection process commenced:

After waking up the impartial judge, the winner of a massage at Newcastle Beach with Mel from Hunter Massage was clearly selected, being the first stick that Scouty licked the cheese off:

Michelle! Image by The Naughty Corner

Michelle! Image by The Naughty Corner

And here is Michelle’s happy place:

Congratulations, Michelle!

Congratulations, Michelle!

Have you ever won anything? Are you local to Newcastle? Check out Hunter Massage!


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