Ways in which to test my resolve


Today started well, I thought. I slept well, woke in plenty of time to get the day started, threw the ball for Scouty. Harry and my beloved had some quality magazine time:

Interior design is serious business. Image by The Naughty Corner

Interior design is serious business. Image by The Naughty Corner

Plenty of time turned out to filter through my fingers very quickly, and I dashed out the front door with five minutes to make a 15 minute drive to my first appointment for the day. My beloved’s daughter had parked behind my beloved’s car – the car I’m currently wrestling with while I hunt for a car of my own. Two minutes down, I arrived to my first appointment 10 minutes late. A very disturbing thing for me.

I left that appointment in plenty of time to get to my second appointment – acupuncture. My first ever acupuncture appointment. So I was feeling a little nervous, and still floating on the frustration of being late. On my way, I stopped to get fuel, which could have been when my mind wandered. Because as I pulled into the parking lot, took my parking ticket and begun the shitfight that is parking in school holidays, I had no idea that I was in entirely the wrong suburb.

I drove around for ten minutes looking for a park, until it dawned on me that it’s Kotara that has a Lindcraft, not Charlestown… so why would Charlestown be advertising Lindcraft? I’m ashamed to say it took me several moments to digest that but the result?

Total panic.

I left the carpark, and kept driving. It was just as I pulled out that I heard the storm warning for my area, and quickly rang my beloved regarding the horror bundle of joy that is Zelda. Zelda tends to lose her shit during storms, and it can get very full on. She’s been known to scale fences, escape out of holes 2 inches smaller than herself, shift bricks and stones. So I alerted my beloved to the impending storm, and continued on to Charlestown. Not Kotara. Charlestown.

I pulled in, grabbed another parking ticket, and started the parking stalk and duel.

Found a spot. Manouvered the truck to slip in, and nope. Not the right angle. Reversed, tried again. Wrong again. Glanced at the time. Officially 15 minutes late. Tried again. No no no no no.

It was around this time that I just gave up.

Opened my mouth and released a stream of profanities that I had never heard before. And they kept coming. They continued as I decided against acupuncture. They continued as I gave up on parking the truck. Continued still as I went to exit the carpark.

It was the traffic jam in the parking lot that silenced my foul mouth.

Total silence.

There was a line of cars – so many of them – and they were all going absolutely nowhere.

I kid you not – I sat in that damn traffic jam for a good 25 minutes before it started to move. By this time, I had given up not only on acupuncture and on parking the truck but also on life itself. The only thing that spurred me on was the promise of daylight.

I finally pulled out of the parking station, and realised it had hit.

The storm.

The windscreen instantly fogged, reminding me to remind my beloved to get the air conditioning fixed. I opened the window and was immediately drenched. The rain fell harder and harder and instead of heading towards home, I drove with the simple aim of finding somewhere safe to pull over while I tried to de-fog the windscreen.

I pulled over just as it really hit.

Hailstones fell. Rain torrented.

This was when I bawled and bawled. Rang my beloved, sobbed down the phone at her in an unknown language. She offered to get me but for some reason the image of her being hit by hail made me cry even harder.

I waited it out. Tried to calm myself by working out where the hell I was.

As the sky cleared and the windscreen joined it, I looked around. Started the car again, and pulled out. Saw a sign for Warners Bay. Yep. In trying to get to Charlestown, I’d gone first to Kotara and then carried on to Warners Bay on the way home.

I am fucking exhausted.

Tell me your day was better than mine?


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  1. Sorry you had such a shit day, may this evening be better and tomorrow be brilliant. My day was great, I managed to process a bucket load of work and whispered to my supervisor that (I’m up to date) first time this year baby. Woo hoo.

    Cheers from your blog stalker

    Maree xx

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