Prevent it.


Today is World Suicide Prevention Day.

One of my favourite posts I’ve written here on The Naughty Corner is this one. It’s called Stay.

In the 12 months since writing Stay, there have been almost 2500 deaths by suicide in Australia alone.  That is a lot of brothers. Sisters. Uncles. Aunties. Mums. Dads. Strangers, friends, grandparents, enemies, teachers, lawyers, footballers, musicians, real estate agents. The person who usually sits opposite you on the train. The person who sat in your seat on the bus last year. Someone who you didn’t even know twelve months ago.


Snuffed out.


The thing about suicide is that it’s been thought through. The person who commits suicide has considered it. They’ve looked at their options, and this is what they’ve come up with. This is the only way they could see to fix things, to change things, to get rid of the turmoil they’re living with.

I kind of feel like I wave the suicide awareness flag a lot here in The Naughty Corner. I’m a huge advocate for talking about mental health, and for removing the stigma that is associated with mental illness.

But people are still dying.

I re-read Stay and I stand by what I’ve written there. I wanted to write something different for 2014, but the thing is, Stay is where it’s at. Stay is what I would write, again and again.

Because we need each other, if we are to have any chance at staying.

I also wrote about Robin Williams. I’m sharing the link again, because sadly, heartbreakingly… it’s relevant.

Suicide has a way of infiltrating the life of every single human.

We need to be OK about talking about mental health.

Because we need each other.

People, help the people.


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