One of Those


It’s been one of those days. 

We signed the papers to sell the recently purchased Subaru for scrap metal. It’s funny. I didn’t have it for long, I know – but gosh I feel sad about it. Which makes no sense, I know. I mean, look at it. Dings on every panel. Old. Missing the odd mud guard. 

But I liked my car. I liked the freedom it offered, the independence. I liked that it offered relief after driving the Kia disaster zone for two years, and I liked that it felt like finally, I’d landed on my feet when it came to cars. 

Bye bye, Suby... Image by The Naughty Corner.

Bye bye, Suby… Image by The Naughty Corner.

Today was also the kind of day that offered me the best blog fodder I have had in months. My beloved and I had to take everything out of the Subaru before we abandoned left it at the mechanics, and among the stuff we took out was my forearm crutches. I loaded them into my beloved’s car, and later that day I had reason to go out again. It was while I was getting my bag from the passenger side that it happened. 

My crutch fell into the guttter. 

It would have been hilarious if I wasn’t totally over the day by this point. I would have been so excited about it if I wasn’t standing there, watching gutter water drip over my bag after I put the crutch back into the car. I would have been thrilled if not for the bits of gutter scunge that appeared on my crutch as it dried. 

So, you know. I dealt with these outrageous blows in two ways. 

The first? 

Shared my recent ABC Open offering with The Naughty Corner Facebook page. Here it is for you playing along at home. 

The second? 

Put these one. I fucking love them. I reckon I can deal with most crappy days if I am wearing these babies. 

Image by The Naughty Corner. Socks by The (ex) Flatmate.

Image by The Naughty Corner. Socks by The (ex) Flatmate.

Brighten my day, won’t you? Tell me something awesome that happened to you today! Hit me with your best shot… 


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  1. I love putting on warm, fuzzy socks! This always makes me happy. 🙂 My cute little dog just let out an enormous burp right in my face…this wasn’t awesome, but it did make me smile!


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