It’s Sunday today. I’ve discovered proof that I am indeed not seeing things when it comes to the bulls I told you about earlier in the week. Two sets of proof. The first comes from the ABC. They wrote an article about the phenomenon that has become known as The Bulls of Shorty. You can read it here.

The other proof we found is slightly less highbrow. Here it is:

Image by The Naughty Corner. Poo by the bulls.

Image by The Naughty Corner. Poo by the bulls.

Sunday is generally a great day for pottering around outside. So strong is the pull to do stuff on the weekends that yesterday, on our way out to a friend’s place, I spotted my beloved gazing longingly at Bunnings as we drove past. There was some serious passion in her eyes as the enormous building hit her line of vision. I made a comment about it being a long time since she had looked at me in that way and her reply? “It’s not my fault you don’t sell hardware!”. Point taken. 

One of our pit stops yesterday was at a funky little place called Brown Dog. I’m going to tell you more about this place later in the week, but a very brief review is that I BLOODY LOVED IT. My beloved really like it there too, their food was top notch as was the decor. She got very interior design-focused and commented on everything from the lights to the mugs. Particularly the textures and patterns on her mug. Here it is: 

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

She thought it was a beautiful leaf etching. It’s actually a dribble from her hot chocolate… but I love how her brain works!

The pool that our backyard has become means that it’s less of an outdoors weekend and more of a quiet pursuits kind of weekend. I’m currently being loved up by the man in my life. Have I introduced you to Harry before?

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

The last piece of news I have for you today is that I’ve just ordered a new set of business cards. These cards have a specific purpose – they have the words “You’ve been blog spotted” on them, and I plan on leaving them places (like Brown Dog) to let them know to keep an eye on the blog for when they’re featured. Cool idea, hey. 

Over to you: How has your weekend been? Did you get some puppy loving, or spot some awesome drinking ware? 




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  1. Bunnings has become known to my now as ‘the black hole cash vortex’ as you go in with a specific need and come out having purchase so much crap you never realised you needed. Though I’m getting my money’s worth now I’ve cottoned on to the free face painting and craft for kids on weekends


    • I think Aldi has a similar black hole! Hmm I wonder how my beloved would cope if I spent the time we have there getting my face painted and doing craft… sad thing is I think she’ll love it :-/


  2. Great idea with the business cards, super clever! I love love love Harry. What kind of dog is he? I have two “couch dogs,” as my daughter calls them, who look very similar. Mine are Bichon/Cavalier King Charles mixes. Big snugglers. I also have a big dog who thinks she’s a couch dog. She’s a golden doodle.


    • Harry is the most reliable man in all of Newcastle. He’s a Maltese Shih Tzu. His sister is Zelda, who’s a Silky Terrier – she is tiny tiny tiny. Scouty is a big girl but a total baby. x


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