To Tuesday


Oh, Tuesday. 

Much ignored of days, silent follower to the despised Monday and precursor to hump day. A sneeze of a day, a mere cough or chuckle. Generally, unregistered. A “meh”. 


I came across a peculiar feature on a social media app recently: you could save an article to read later. Later. The word promises that you will have a later. More time. So much more time, in fact, that some will be spare, and it is during that excessive amount of time that you will do things like read articles that you saw on social media. 

But what if later isn’t promised? Because the reality is that, well… it isn’t. And I’d hate, hate, hate to think of you saving all these articles to read later, and then not arriving at the promised later. 

So here we go: 

If something is worth saving to do, read, be, say, write – If it’s worth saving for later, why not do it now? Because there is no promise of later

I could be writing to you as one who has spare time. As someone who isn’t tied down to after school sports or the morning rush. But in the instance of saving articles to read later? I’m pretty sure you could do that reading in under 5 minutes, which incidentally is plenty of time for a toilet visit. Multi-task if you must, but if it is worth doing, seize the hell out of that day and do it



My mum’s last day on earth was a Tuesday. Tuesday was the day we awoke to the news that Robin Williams had died. 

If that isn’t reason enough to just do something, then I don’t really know what is. 


Take Tuesday, now that it is almost done. Take Tuesday, and do something. Something you could put off. Something you could put off… but won’t. Because it’s Tuesday. 

And if you’ve left your run too late? If it really just isn’t practical?

There’s Wednesday.




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