You know how you see those predict-a-text errors? And you laugh and wonder how on earth that could happen? This is one of my favourites, partly because my beloved’s name is Lauren:

Now, I’m someone who reads these and thinks, “How the hell did that happen? Surely not!”. However, I am now on the other side of it. Friends, I dropped a clanger yesterday. So big and so bad and so very totally unaware. Honestly. It took me ages to work out what I had exactly said.

It started when I asked my friends on Facebook if anyone had a pair of forearm crutches that I could borrow while I am at a Writers Festival this week. From experience, the grounds at this Festival site are pretty uneven, and I do not want to anger my ankle this close to surgery. So here we go:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

Yup. I asked for foreskin crutches. Not forearm.

It continued:

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

Over forty comments later, and the madness continued.

Image by The Naughty Corner

Image by The Naughty Corner

It got even worse when my sister got in on the act: she sent me a text, saying “Sheepskin looks nothing like foreskin”. I thought about it, then replied with, “I meant forearm, not sheepskin”. At least I can blame auto-correct.

But here’s the thing: My particular phone won’t even predict its own brand name! Yet it’s quite happy to fling random foreskins into my social media. So obviously, friends, I have to ask: Have you ever had an auto-correct fail?



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  1. My (male) colleague once sent a mesage to another (female) colleague who had a house flood issue : should I sent you some wellies? …At least, that was what he meant to correct changed it into something entirely else….


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