I will be careful around videos


I was totally on the radio today. I’d like to tell you I’d been harbouring this secret and practising in private for months, but in all honesty I got a call about an hour before it went to air. I let social media do the spreading of the news, rang my beloved and organised to meet her at home. 


What is usually a ten minute drive took me a good 25. Keep in mind that the call I got was only an hour before this particular ABC show started. I was chewing through time as I swore at random cows and hurtled down streets that I tried to convince myself looked familiar. 

They didn’t. 

I essentially ended up returning to where I started, and beginning again – minus the damn short cuts. 

I arrived home to a flurry of fur, a bemused beloved and a bladder threatening to burst. But there was no TIME to wee and no TIME to play and no TIME to reassure. 

The phone rang. 

It was the ABC. 

This is the interview… I kick in at around the 6 minute mark. After me is the awesome Jessie Ansons. I’ll have to warn her… video apparently tried to kill radio stars, at one point! 


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