Why I Write – A blog hop


My rabbit, Stevie, now lives with the Cuppy family. She’s a peculiar bunny and as a result performs some bizarre contortions as she makes her way through the world. A blog hop sounds like something she would do. In fact, in her very young months (back when I thought she was a he), she performed a leap through the air that was accented by a spraying of bunny poo, fresh from the source. 

But I digress. 

My beautiful friend Sal has issued me with a blog hop. I have to write about why I write. I can do that. But first, let me tell you about Sal and why you should be envious that I have her in my life. Sal is great. She makes me laugh and she makes me candles; she sees value in people and she sees lots of bands; she is generous with her time and she is very busy; she puts her mind to things and just does them. But most of all, Sal doesn’t stop dreaming. You can check out Sal’s blog here, and the brand new site for her bloody incredible candles by heading here or here

Here’s the guts of the Why I Write blog hop: there’s a few sub-headings I need to write about, which I will do now. Then I am going to tag three other bloggers, so that they can be a part of the hopping. 


Why do I write?

If I didn’t my head would become really big and eventually explode, covering the world in brains and words and stories. Also, I started writing because I had dramas with my speech when I was a kid. I wasn’t speaking words that people really understood clearly until I was around ten. So, I wrote. And I still write because I still lack confidence in my speech (there are still sound blends I avoid, and I lisp when I’m tired). With this in mind, writing makes me a whole person. It enables me to communicate and to share and to tell and to teach. And ultimately, I love it.


Why do I write what I do? 

I turned my hand to blogging one afternoon at Byron Bay Writers Festival. I decided it might be worth a crack. That was two years ago now. I blog because even if no one ever read it, I would still blog. I collect stories and experiences and thoughts and feelings, then I match them to words. I write about mental health stuff because I want to help someone who might be feeling all alone. I write about being a lesbian because equality is important to me. I write about the dogs because they are my fur babies, and there are countless couples who have no human babies – my fur baby obsession is also a nod to them. Recently I started writing weekly “Stories of Stuff” because it gives me an opportunity to write in a more poetic, story-telling way. And I love it. 


What am I working on now? 

For the last twelve months, I’ve been telling people that I am working on my next book. And I am, but I think I need to restart. I had an idea and I had started to flesh it out, but I got really distracted. I’m working on a project with my friends Sid and Neey, which is wonderful fun and available in the Sydney Opera House gift store. I seem to spend a fair chunk of time creating websites, and I am also churning out essays as a part of my Business Management diploma (yawn). 


How does my writing process work?

It starts with a gem of a thought or a sight or a word or an image or an idea or a happening or a photo. Then I flesh out that gem by painting a picture around it, using words. Sometimes my words make a really cool picture. Sometimes, the picture is clunky and all out of the lines. Sometimes I’ll write an entire short story just to use one phrase that I like the sound of. Sometimes I write and tuck secret messages in blog posts, directed at specific friends. They mostly find them. My process? It’s rushed, it’s slow. It doesn’t get drafted or spell checked or edited. It’s raw and it’s truthful and it’s generally very open and true. It’s here, take it or leave it. Because even if you leave it, I’ll keep doing it, and you’d always be welcome if you decided to come back again. Ooh is that a secret message? Oooooooohhhhh….. Aaaaaaaahhhhh


Do I differ from others in my genre?

I have no idea, really. I just try to be truthful and real. I try to write things that I would like to read. I try to be relevant and entertaining. And a lot of the time, I just don’t try. Maybe this would be easier to answer if I knew what my genre is? 


Meet the Blog Hoppers

I’m passing the baton to three of my blogging mates. 

The first is The Cuppy Lady. This woman is one of the most amazing women I know. I love her and her family dearly, and she needs a kick up the arse to get writing again. So, Cuppy? Consider this your kick. 

Second is a woman I met recently and started to read her blog as a result. I love the way she plays with words and I am passing her the baton because I want to know more about her. Come on down, Jessie Ansons

Finally, I wanted to give you the chance to get to know my beloved a bit better. She blogs as a part of her interior design pursuits. Beloved, come and meet my blogging friends. 




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  1. Thanks for the mention! I’ll get blog hopping shortly 🙂 I’ve also started following Sal’s blog.

    And your writing is certainly unique… in a very positive way! I only get email alerts for a handful of blogs and yours is one of them. Why? Your short, easy to read pieces are never too heavy but they always cover a topic that makes me think. And sometimes they just make me laugh! Thank you for your honesty and for letting your writing be so ‘raw’. Keep it up!

    Oh and Sid and Neey are really cute!


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