The night light


My sister is here for a few days and today we took The Bear’s Mini Me to the movies. We saw Maleficent, which is very hard to spell. 

My sister loved it, The Bear’s Mini Me loved it. I had my eyes closed for the last half an hour, and to be honest from the moment it started I knew I was in over my head. Yep. I’m a complete wuss when it comes to movies, tv shows, books – anything that reminds me that there is a big bad world sniffing around outside. 

I’d prepared for this: I packed some crochet to distract myself with (forgetting the cinema would be dark). I also made sure my night light was fully charged. 

Yes, night light. 

I’ve been prone to nightmares and fear of the dark for as long as I can remember. I’ll go months, years even without needing a night light, then I see an ad for a horror movie and I’m screwed. Night light on, doors locked, scared to be home alone. I don’t know why but it really does make things difficult. 

I do try to be a big brave bear, and I turn the night light off. Within seconds of lying down, my heart starts pounding and my eyes are straining to see through the darkness. Then I think I see something and I’ve flung myself out of the bed and I’m turning the light on before the blankets land back on the bed. 

Over-active imagination? 

I’m kind of glad that I never had kids, lest I pass on these night time problems. Because it gets very hard. It really does. 

But the good in this? The horrors my imagination cooks up isn’t as bad as the reality some people live every single day. There are people who don’t have a night light bright enough. There are tunnels of darkness that not even a spotlight can penetrate. 

To my friends in darkness, I have a night light you can borrow… Or I can tell you where to get one (I kind of need mine).

Aside from that, all I have is this: it will be OK in the end. And if it isn’t OK, then it isn’t the end. 



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  1. A lovely little blog piece this one! I’ve always been scared of the dark and have always preferred to bury my head in the sand than face reality. But now I’m a mum I’ve had to force myself to be brave… except for those times when my baby is grinning at something right behind me and there’s no one else home. Then that kinda makes me flip out…


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