Don’t forget to shut the door


Well! I just sat down to write this post and as I started, a teenager that doesn’t belong to us burst into the kitchen. I had no idea that my beloved’s son had a mate over. Surprise, surprise!

Speaking of surprises? I had to duck out and grab some groceries today. I parked in the undercover area of the local Westfield type centre, and casually wandered through a few different stores before deciding to get the groceries we needed somewhere else. It was still worth the trip, I reasoned. I picked up a new (to me) car over the weekend and it’s bigger than I am used to, so wrestling it into car parking spots is a skill I am yet to refine. Practice practice!

When I got back to my car, I found a security guard standing in front of it.

Immediately, every wrong doing I have ever performed flooded my mind. My god I’d been busy.

He stared at me as I approached my car. It looks a bit like this one, by the way:

I must have had a head like a question mark when the security guard finally spoke. 

“Is this your car?” 

“Yup. Why?”

“Have you been gone long?”

“Yup. About half an hour. Why?”

“Did you leave it in a hurry?”

“Nope. Why?” 

“Because we’re had a couple of reports that you left the car door wide open. There seems to be stuff on your front seat that you’ve bought somewhere, so I’m guessing nobody broke in. But you should be more careful.”

I agreed that I certainly should be more careful. 

“This isn’t the kind of place where you should leave your car door wide open, you know.”

I agreed that it wasn’t. 

“You should always shut your car door.”

It was around this time that I considered all the new wrong doings I would like to perform. 

Instead, I thanked the security guard, got in the car and left. 

Have you ever left a car door open while you shopped? If you saw a car with the door left open, would you have just shut it? 


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  2. I left my door wide open last week on a freezing night. I’d spent an hour in sydney traffic, driving two over tired & sugar high toddlers home after a party. My destination ” the grandparents”… (did I mention I had a kids cd on repeat during the drive) Once I got there, I flung myself out of the car, wailing ” I don’t want to drive any further”
    We all went inside and had a nice cuppa to calm down but If it hadn’t of been for a grandparents prerogative to spoilt their grandkids (by promising them maccas) it would of been a cold car I eventually had to drive home to my grown up home.


  3. lol. Africa told me her partner’s mate was coming for a visit. I didn’t realise he was going to stay for three days, sleeping on the lounge! (just BTW her baby is due in a week.) I often accidentally leave car windows open, and occasionally outside my place, a door. People around here just leave it that way 🙂


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