Sometimes, I get thirsty. I solve this issue by going to the refrigerator and getting a drink.

There is an exception to this: I may put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea, or an industrial strength coffee.

On a completely unrelated note, sometimes young adults do peculiar things. They do things that make no sense to anyone else. They break things and trash things and steal things and hurt other people, physically, emotionally, mentally. They make a lot of bad choices. In the very vast majority, we grow up, move on and chalk it up to learning.

Now, “young adults” is a phrase I would use to describe people aged up to around 25.

If you hit 28 and you’re pissing into your own mouth? Chances are you might have a problem.

Yes, Australia is in uproar over a picture of some fool from some footy club contorting his penis in such a way that he is weeing into his own mouth. That’s some projection he has there. I’m not sharing a picture of this particular event. Which is a thought that could have occurred to whomever it was who took the picture of the circus act in question, who then went on to share the image on social media.  But really? We should be thanking our lucky stars that the particular footballer wasn’t hungry.

This particular player has been sacked from three football clubs now, with his thirst and penile puppetry costing him his $3 million contract with the Sharks.

There are a few problems here:

  • The player is either a total idiot, or he needs some help.
  • The friend who shared the photo in the first place should be pretty damn ashamed.
  • Is it fair to expect better?

I actually don’t think it is fair to expect more from him. Sure, it would be great. But this is a man – not a young person – who wants to play football, get on the piss (boom tish!) and do it all again the next day. Apparently he is a decent player. But he is also evidence that ball skills doesn’t make someone idol-worthy.

You’ve got to be better than just running fast with a ball under your arm.

Wanting to be an idol? Here are some tips for you:

  • Make wise choices.
  • Choose decent friends.
  • Act in a way that you never become a meme.
  • Always use mouthwash.



Most importantly?

Be someone that others will want to follow.

I doubt anyone would even want to follow this footballer to the bathroom ever again.

Is social media being too harsh? Or are you fair game if you choose to wee into your own mouth? Should he have lost his contract?




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