Good Mourning


This morning started at 3am. Scouty was barking in the tone she has that comes before tantrum, so I woke my beloved to go and check it out. She did, because she is awesome.

She found Scouty barking at Harry, who was hogging the dog bed and wouldn’t let her up. My hunch is that Scouty needed a wee, got up, and while she was tending to business Harry swiped the warm spot.

I pondered these things while I languished in the warm spot my beloved had left.

She then returned to bed and snored for the next five hours. Little sleep was had, friends.


Be sure to notice the size of those paws. Image by The Naughty Corner

Be sure to notice the size of those paws. Image by The Naughty Corner

In the real morning – when the sun was up and teeth were brushed and work clothes donned – we let the dogs inside and had our morning frolic, followed by a game of ball. Then my beloved and I returned inside and the dogs eventually followed.

It was while we were catching up on The Voice tending to serious computer work that Scouty rumbled back inside.

She jumped on my in my jarmies. The paw prints she left were laced with neither love nor friendship.

They were laced with poo. Dog poo. All over my jarmies.

My beloved gasped and did a semi-commando roll off her seat. She landed on the coffee table, which continued to roll with her. On the floor she lay, all high vis uniform and giggles, while Scout pawed me with her stink feet. Feet finally clean, Scout frolicked outside. My beloved clambered to her feet while clutching at the developing bruise on her hip. I chased her in my new poo jarmies, desperate for a cuddle, which she refused to give.

Then we saw the trail of destruction.

Friends, I have just spent the better part of an hour mopping up poo, cleaning carpet and washing jarmies.

How was your morning?


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    • Ah, well I can tell you what it’s about! Dogs usually roll into things leading with their shoulders. I think it’s the left but can’t remember. Anyway they do it so that they can show their pack leader the wonderful scents they have found. Think about pack formation – this is why they roll in stinks using their shoulder, because that is where pack members will smell it most in formation. Aren’t you glad you asked? Oh wait. You didn’t. Lol x


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