State of something or other


There was a fairly major football match on last night. Apparently. A couple of guys in pastel blue versus a couple of guys in purple, they ran around and hurt each other and then did some kicking of the ball and ball areas and just like that, an eight year drought was broken.

The ground is still pretty dry though, so maybe it isn’t really a drought.

I have to admit it: I’m not so good at the whole “being enthusiastic about televised sports” thing.

Here are some things I did not understand from last night:

1. Why my beloved wore her Manly jarmies, even though they weren’t playing, and even though the colour of the jarmies suggested they were worn in support of the purple team.

2. Why blue afro wigs are supportive.

3. Why someone in purple would bump their head against someone in pastel blue in an aggressive way, after the man in pastel blue let the man in purple use his neck to help get up from the ground.

4. Why the players don’t listen to the advice my beloved is bellowing offering them. She knows her stuff, boys. Listen to her!

5. Why the players don’t like to sing the National Anthem. Kids are taught to sing it, adults know it’s the respectful thing to do. When I was a teacher, if a kid was hanging their mouth guard out of their mouth and fidgeting instead of singing the Anthem, they would miss out on playtime.

6. The final question I have regarding State of Whatever is: Will this fellow be back for game three?

Pic: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Pic: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

OK, folks, over to you: What am I missing? Are you a football fan? Would you wear a pastel blue afro to support your team?



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