I went to get new glasses today. I generally wear contact lenses during the day, but if I am having a jarmie day or whatever, on go the specs. I have not have a good run with glasses, and I am potentially the only person on earth who is currently wearing glasses that are sewn together.

But… it beats the tape:



That’s the taped pair. Here are the sewn pair:


You can barely notice it, right?

If you ever snap plastic frames by putting them through the wash – um, not that I’m admitting to anything – check out this tutorial on how to sew them back together. BECAUSE YOU CANNOT GLUE THEM! Or MELT THEM. I’m also not admitting to that particular repair attempt.

Anyway anyway, I went and saw the awesome folk at my local Specsavers (this is not a sponsored post!), and they remembered me. Mainly because I made a naughty joke when I was there with my beloved, as she was selecting new frames. It went along the lines of her finally realising that I’m not a man, because she’d be able to see that I’m female. But that’s a story for another day.

I chose my new frames (pics when they arrive you impatient imps!), but it reminded me of when I had to get a new screw put into a set of frames several years ago. I had been taping the arm back on until I remembered to take them to the shops with me, and it was a particularly happy day when I did finally remember them. I strolled into the optometrist and told them I had a screw lose, and could they help me.

Once I re-phrased my question, they bustled off with my frames and came back several minutes later. I popped them on so they could straighten them up, and I realised that they had given me the wrong glasses. I told them of their error, and handed them back the glasses. They were very much like mine, but totally the wrong prescription. The optometrist disappeared again, and came back looking confused. She assured me that these were indeed my frames. I looked at them, I think I even sniffed them. Popped them back on.

What the hell had they done to my glasses? 

I was about to get stroppy when I remembered I had my CONTACT LENSES in.

I thanked them for my screw and scampered off, never to return to that particular optical dispenser ever again.

Do you wear glasses? At what age do you become less inclined to break them?



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