I got home this afternoon (from a weekend with my family). And I had a bloody fantastic time. There was a pig called Kevin Bacon involved. What more could you possibly want?

This is Kevin Bacon:

2014-06-15 14.58.20


Kevin lives at the most AMAZING place I have ever been to. It’s called The Grounds. You can check them out here. But don’t check them out online. Go there in person. It’s incredible. The best coffee, and they have a PIG! And other animals… but the PIG!

Just next to The Grounds is a place called Salt Meats Cheese.

2014-06-15 15.29.53

Now, friends, every now and then I tend to get a wee bit obsessed about one thing or another. Looming. Crocheting. Drumming. Running. Coffee. The dogs. My Beloved. It’s actually something that happens quite frequently, now I think of it. But anyway, Salt Meats Cheese is one of those things that I could wind up obsessing about. I bought the best ever olives, and by checking in on Facebook I received a couple of freebies. Both The Grounds and Salt Meats Cheese have this fantastic community feel about them. It’s great. It was like being in the country in the middle of Sydney.

I went there with my sister and my adopt-a-sis. We wore matching beanies, which I am going to tell you more about later this week.


My sister and I also went apple picking. It was slippery, sticky, smelt like cider and was fun. The apples were amazingly yummy. There was a list of rules that we were supposed to follow. This is a picture of my sister breaking one of the rules:

2014-06-14 15.03.58

What else… Well, remember how I mentioned my tendency to obsess?

My sister and I watched 36 episodes of Miranda (seasons 1, 2 and 3 – twice). Laughed our boxes off. Best show ever, seriously! This is one of my favourite clips:

And on that note, I must go to bed. But first:

Do you get obsessive? Have you got a favourite place? Tell me about it!!


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