Sister my sister


I’m heading down to the Hawkesbury this weekend, to hang out with my sister. I imagine this is her current face:



Ah, my sister. We used to hate each other with a passion. But now, we have lots of fun:


I’m not really sure when it changed from mutual intolerance to being able to paint faces, take road trips, be Santa for each other (complete with sacks of presents) and being silly buggers in the nearest 24 hour K Mart. Things change, I guess. I would suggest we grew up but evidence proves otherwise…


It’s not all face paint and TWAT STUPID. In fact, we’ve been to some Very Important Events, and behaved… well, as is expected:


So, there may be a few days until I can post again, but know that I am probably getting up to something ridiculous with my sister. I know she’s bought some clay for us to play with, and I’ve been trying to find somewhere for us to pick apples. Because that is how we roll. In packing a bag, I’ve remembered the Miranda DVD, the play clothes, the birthday gifts for our “other” sister. I mean, really. How could we not share the love?


So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONDY!! And Mel, I’m *almost* on my way. See you soon, bitch.

Do you have a sister? Tell me about her!


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  1. I have always gotten along fairly well with my sister. I remember sitting up talking until midnight when I was 12 & she was 16. I remember massive screaming arguments, sitting up late to the point that I fell asleep sitting up, arms crossed, in a sulk (because it wasn’t fair that she got to stay up & she didn’t).

    Growing up in Sydney, when she moved to Newcastle, it felt like she was so very far away. When my Munchkin was 2, we decided we needed to be closer to her, so we moved up here too. We now live a 5 min walk from her & still don’t see each other often enough 🙂


    • I love this, Francine. I was the sister that moved to Newcastle, while my sister has stayed in the Hawkesbury. I’m about to blog about our weekend, but your comment makes me want to move back to her. Actually, no. She can move up here. xx


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