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I’m not a fan of stuff. Clutter leaves me feeling confused and chaotic. Order is my friend. So I embraced the opportunity to clean up the back yard and work out exactly what needed to stay and what needed to go. NEEDED, friends. I wasn’t harsh, I wasn’t frivolous. I was ordered and fair and measured in my approach to the task.

So, when my beloved returned from New York, I was very excited to show her what I’d been up to in the backyard. Even though I was three hours late in picking her up, I had been busting with excitement to show her my handiwork. I explained that the trailer was loaded and ready to go to the tip – we just had to take it there. So today, we set off to the local tip.

This tip was more of a traditional tip than the sterile environment I visited a few months ago. That was all orderly cars and a very large skip. This tip was piles and piles and mountains and mountains of noxious, stinky crap:

ImageWe unloaded the ute and happily threw away piles of crap that wasn’t recyclable, reusable, and had just been taking up prime real estate in the back yard for way too long now. I was so proud of my beloved. She likes to keep things for “projects”, you see. And it isn’t all bad – not at all. In fact, she’s a clever bugger. You can check out the stuff she does over here. But seriously, there has to be some kind of limit to the number of outdoor tables you have. To how long you keep palm fronds and half a bag of sand. This is why I loaded the ute while she was away. I also covered the load VERY SECURELY with a tarp. Not because it’s the law, but to prevent her from peeking and salvaging items.

All was well until I realised that I had made a rookie error.

The tip we went to has a recycling and reuse shop.

Things that can possibly be used again get picked out of the rubbish mountains, cleaned up and slapped with a price tag.

Friends, we left with the trailer full once again. In fact, the bits and bobs collected at the tip shop cost more than it cost to dump the ute full of rubbish in the first place. I took this photo at Bunnings, as my beloved loaded even more stuff into the tray of her car:

ImageSo there you have it. One man’s trash is indeed another man’s clutter treasure.

Have you been to the tip lately?

Are you a collector of goods, or are you a fan of that Asian sparsity that I tend to appreciate?


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