Sounds familiar…


Last night was an exciting night. I had discussions with my friend Sally, from A Little Bit Purry, regarding etiquette. Anyone who knows me will be rolling around on the floor right about now, at the thought of me knowing anything at all about the skills surrounding etiquette and social graces. We talked about phones and social media, and all was very dignified and grown up, until this happened: 


Yep, that would be a forkful of lasagna, on my right boob. It took a detour on the way to my mouth. Pretty damn classy, huh. I particularly like how it appears that I’ve accidentally leaned in too close to my plate, and my boob has rested amongst the asparagus and tomato sauce. 

Aware that I had to be up at 4am, Sal left relatively early. I made a quick phone call, set my alarm and went to bed. As an aside, I’d like to suggest that real love is demonstrated by waking up at 4am to drive 2 hours, purely to pick up your beloved at the airport when her flight gets in at 6:20am. Anyway anyway, the larm was set, I curled up in bed, and fell asleep. 

I was woken by a gentle thrusting against my head. 

I opened my eyes, and Zelda grinned at me with the pride that only a horny silky terrier can display. I looked past her smug face and my eyes fell on the clock. 




I leapt from the bed, doing a clever “get dressed” dance, which I accompanied with a soundtrack that used every swear word I know. I unceremoniously dumped Zelda outside, grabbed my car keys, jumped in the car and burst into tears. 

My beloved had been gone for two weeks and she had landed in Sydney before I even got out of bed. I rang a friend, who contacted my beloved and her travel buddy. I got my shit together, and drove. Hit the peak hour traffic in Sydney, narrowly avoided being shoved off the road by a large silver station wagon, and didn’t get lost once. 

I could only really relax when I saw her at the Arrivals. She’s back! She’s sick, and she’s jet lagged, but she’s back! Right in time for… the State of Origin. But – but! – my poor girl was tucked up in bed by half time. She had an amazing time, by the way. Awesome presents. But I’m just so happy to see her.

And right now, I’m so happy to hear her. 


The snoring. I’ve missed it, just a little. 

Before I sign off, I’m aware that it’s Wednesday, and I mentioned a couple of times that on Monday, I’d be free from the media gag that has been preventing me from sharing a particular story with you. But Monday came and went. Then Tuesday. And now, today. 

I need to ask for another couple of days. Just in case. 

If you’re a liker of The Naughty Corner on Facebook, you can watch the video of my beloved’s homecoming. It’s so cute. 

But for now, I am going to follow my ears and head to bed. 


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