The week that was…


It’s been a total cow of a week, friends. One of the worst. But, thanks to some wise advice, I’m allowing myself some breathing space. If you missed it in the Newcastle Herald, there’s an article that might give a few hints. I can’t add to it (yet) as I am under a media ban. 

Until Monday 🙂 

For now, let me tell you some of the good stuff. 

My beloved is having an amazing time in New York. She saw the Yankees play this week, and as only my beloved would, went and saw Rocky The Musical on Broadway. Here’s my favourite snap of her this week: 



Over on the Facebook page for The Naughty Corner, it was an update on my productivity being hijacked by procrastination that got the most interest. Seems we are all masters of this special skill! A good example of this is the back yard. I have had it as my special project while my beloved has been away. So far, I’ve done lots of things in the backyard, but I feel I have been simply delaying the moment when I will have to actually tackle the major tasks. But my pallet vege garden is growing a treat! This is how it looked when I first planted everything. Already things are going apeshit and even though the dogs have helped me by making sure the plants are squashed to buggery pressed in very firmly, things are thriving. I’m sure there’s a metaphor somewhere in that… 



That’s Scout’s ear in the foreground, and her shadow on the bottom right corner. 

The week has finished nicely though. I’ve just watched Saving Mr Banks with my beloved’s daughter. Have you seen it? I can’t wait to watch it again, that’s how much I enjoyed it. It makes me want to get writing. So I’ve decided to get cracking on the 2nd book. I’ve also had a children’s book bubbling around in my head, so I’m going to try to get that out, too. 

This weekend, I plan to write, finish start the back yard, and finish the couple of crochet projects that have been neglected through the shit storm of this week. How about you? What are your plans? Go on, make me jealous!  


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