The Naughty Corner Guide to Conquering Mount Washmore


It’s a simple trick, one that you are welcome to apply to your own home. 


This is my current washing basket. It looks like it’s pretty full, right? At least a full load. 



Because there isn’t even half a load there! It just looks like a full load. How? 

Glad you asked!

Introducing my latest great idea:



Grab an old pillow and shove it in the bottom of the washing basket, and you too can feel like you are kicking the arse of Mount Washmore on a regular basis! 

No really! It works! 

Actually… who am I trying to kid. I put an old pillow in the washing basket and then forgot to throw it out and now I can’t be arsed moving it to the bin. 

I am not a domestic goddess. 

I’m barely even domesticated. 

For example, this is the cat bowl that had me shaking in my slippers last night: 



There are 13 slugs there. The cat can’t get to her food because they chase her away with pitchforks and slime. Then I start sneezing and the cat is yowling and there are thirteen slugs there!!!!! 

I need tips, tricks and ideas to get rid of these foul little creatures. 

The slugs, I mean. 

The cat is growing on me.

Any domestic goddess tips? Share them here!


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  1. Hahaha this cracked me up. The only way I became domesticated probably isn’t something you’ll be interested in: I married a man who’s (overly) obsessed with having a tidy house. That’s all I’ve got sorry…


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