Dearest Beloved


To my dearest beloved, 

We left for the train station this afternoon and when we got there, the excitement bursting out of you and your best friend was palpable. Armed with your suitcases and your carry on and the magical bottle of special juice that your besty had packed, it was clear that the moment had finally arrived: time for the trip of a lifetime.



The two of you together! Oh man. I hope they’re ready for you! The sister we see usually just once a year and the brother you’re seeing for the first time in 16 years – wowzers. He’s going to love you, by the way. You’re good enough. More than. 

You guys have some big plans for this trip (and so do I, for the time you’re away). I can’t wait to see the bounty you catch in the Hudson River – and if it’s fish, please don’t eat it. I emailed Melissa Etheridge but darling, she hasn’t gotten back to me yet. If I hear back I will let you know, but I wasn’t serious about the hall pass. At all. 

What I would most love for you to bring back is a crate load of memories. I cannot wait to hear all about it. And even though I would love to be doing this with you, it’s right for you to be with your besty. You guys have been friends for over a decade and have blazed many trails together. This is an adventure that you have to do together. It’s honouring to the friendship you have, the family you are for each other, and the many years ahead that you can spend reminiscing. 

This is going to be frigging awesome. Amazing. Crazy. 

Be safe. Have fun. 

Remember that I love you. 

And don’t get cross when you find out about the PLANS I have for while you’re away. 




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