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Someone asked me today if I actually liked blogging as an art.

I do. I love that there is an audience of people, reading my words. I love that there is a purpose behind sitting at a keyboard each day. I like blogging because it gives me a space to do one of the things that I know I am good at.

But what if nobody was reading? Would I still enjoy blogging? Yeah. Yeah, I would. But I think that part of the art of blogging is knowing that you have an immediate audience. So I think while I would still blog to an audience of zero, I think having to do so would remove the art form. Blogging is connection and community and immediate and honest and grungy and gutsy and interaction.

Most of my posts come from a thought or something that I’ve seen or heard. Occasionally I’ll post about an issue I feel strongly about – mental health is a common theme. Sometimes, it will be a photo that draws a post out of me. For example, this photo is for a post I am aiming on writing by the end of the week:

ImageOne of the main things that I like about blogging is the sense of community that it creates.

I’m constantly stunned by how many people read my drivel, and that they come from all over the world. Now, I don’t actually know people from all over the world – but my blog does. Blogging has meant that I can keep offering glimpses into my world – my beloved, our fur babies, where things are at with my headspace, things that are important, people I meet, places I go – a world that people want to read about. It’s humbling to realise but people comment and like and share and it all says one thing: These words are worth reading.

For a writer, there isn’t really anything better.

I like blogging because it is more immediate than writing a book or articles or websites. I’ve done all three of those and my blog is still my baby, still the place I come back to. My blog is where I can write without rules, make fun at the world and myself and know that it is safe, comment on just about anything, and be who I really am.

So, I do indeed like blogging as an art form.

If you are one of my readers, thank you.

If you are a commenter, I freaking love you.

If you’ve never commented, now is a great time to say hi.


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  1. I’m a fairly new subscriber and I love your blog and look forward to finding them in my inbox. I enjoy your mental health discussions and wished that more people would be so open.

    Hope your foot is better.

    Cheers Mx


    • Hey Maree, Thanks for this. Nice to meet you. I wish more people would be open about mental health stuff too – breaking that silence is the only way we can reduce stigma and let people know that they’re OK. xx


  2. Boo……. Always read, your blog is at times sooooo funny I micro pee……YEAH BABY!!!!! It can be done
    ; 0 ))))


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