Invisible ink


Do you remember those books that were full of activities and puzzles, and all you got to solve them with was a texta with no colour (but a very peculiar smell)?

They’re back!

But as an adult you kind of recognise that they have no merit in learning skills. You just have to scribble vaguely with an invisible ink revealing pen to show the answer. Still a lot of fun. I hope the texta smells the same.

Anyway, this is just a kind of justification for the title of this post. You see, I’m feeling a bit silenced as I go to write a blog entry today. There is an issue that I really want to write about, but the entire thing has been shrouded in secrecy and information has been withheld. Which generally means that people have something to hide. I want to fight for the rights of the people involved on a wider, more public scale. But given that these people have been forbidden from talking to each other, I have a hunch that telling other people about it would not go down well.


Being in the thick of it is seriously shitful.

But I’m dedicated and I care and I want the best for the people involved. So, speaking my words through the acceptable channels has to suffice for now.

And I’m speaking these words through the appropriate channels because I’m hoping that one day, the way humans are treated will be valued. Human beings. People. Kids. Teens. Adults. Because it is people that make up organisations.

Not numbers.

I hope decisions can change. I can’t tell you how much I am aching for the powers that be to realise they are in the midst of performing a huge disservice.

But that kind of humility and empathy seem to be long gone by the time you’re an Old Boy.

All I can fall back on is this: I know what I am committed to, and it is people, not numbers. I know what is important to me, and is the well-being of people, not what number they represent on a list. And I can know that I have fought when and where I can. And if all that is left is for me to walk alongside you as decisions fall down around us?

I’ll do it.


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