Happy Easter. 

It’s chocolate day, Easter Sunday, the day the stone rolled away, day 3 of the 4 day long weekend. 

I’ve spent today with my sister, the fur babies, and visiting my bakery family. My beloved is at a market, and I can’t go to help because of my boot. But she’ll be home soon, and the fur babies need help with dealing with the intrusion of a rabbit overnight. 

A lifetime ago, a lifestyle ago, I would have been getting ready for church around about now. I’ve thought about finding a church to go to this year, but then I remember I’m gay and I can’t drive at the moment. 

So instead, I’ve spent the day sharing love better than I share chocolate, causing havoc with the Bear and her Mini-Me, and seeing a lot of this: 


How do you spend Easter? Hungover? Celebrating a risen King? Munching on excessive amounts of chocolate? All of the above? None of the above? 

However you do it, grab hold of it and love it. Enjoy it. Because if nothing else, Easter shows us that the story isn’t over yet. There are beginnings everywhere, and sometimes it takes what looks like an ending to remind us of this. In the face of what would have been overwhelming grief and disappointment, a dead bloke came to check on his mates. 

Nothing ever really ends. 

Except for when you finish that last Cream Egg. Then you know that you aren’t going to be seeing those babies at least until New Years Eve.


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