I’ve been somewhat missing in action lately, and I apologise for that. If you are a fan on the Facebook page for this blog you will see that I’m trying to stay in touch via the #100happydays challenge that is going on. 

However, I do have good reasons for being out of touch. 

1. The ankle from hell. I broke my ankle on the cruise recently, and my fuck it has been painful. Not so much in the physical sense, but certainly in terms of tolerance. You would be amazed to know how frustrating things become when you’re strapped into a boot. Snoring. Barking dogs. Slow internet connection. Tony Abbott. Actually, he’s frustrating most of the time. But in three weeks I’ll be out of the boot and seeing the surgeon, who I am hoping will tell me that my ankle now has a clean bill of health and no further interaction is needed, thank you very much. 

2. MOVING. Have you moved house? Yes? It kidnaps every part of your time and thoughts, doesn’t it. And then there are all the things that you didn’t know that you owned. Turns out they have been hiding in all the storage that you didn’t realise you had. Now, if you had known that you had so much storage, you possibly would not have been paying for off site storage for the past 18 months… And it doesn’t stop and getting all of the stuff into boxes. Once you arrive at your destination, every box turns into The Magic Pudding and never becomes empty. So suddenly you arrive at your new home, with boxes everywhere, that you know are going to exceed the confines of the house around them. Fuck!!!

3. My very broken keyboard. You’ve possibly noticed a lack of missing ‘g’ and ‘h’ and apostrophes in this post!! Yes! I now have a functional keyboard and I am not afraid to use it! For the past 2 weeks I’ve been operating with a keyboard that had a massive tantrum while I was on the cruise, and short circuited a bunch of the keys that make it function. I soldiered on, to a degree. I had a few stumbly posts that changed my sexual orientation and gave me a Jamaican accent, but I feel it was worth the effort. 

The good news is that I am now moved, and I have a functional keyboard again. The ankle is still broken but I am learning how to pick up speed be very careful now. So, readers, friends and well-wishers, if you have been concerned about the lack of regularity behind my posts, if you have been wondering what has happened, then worry now more. 

I’m back.


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