Te Best of Tins


Tere are times wen it pas to be able to look on te briter side of life. For example, I am currently usin te very broken keyboard on my laptop to write tis post. But wat can I say, it just seems to reek of te Nauty Corner, doesnt it. So I am embracin te ridiculousness of it, and enjoyin presentin te callene of interpretation to people.

Recently, my beloved and I went on a cruise. It was on te tird nit tat I fell over. Te seas were rou tat nit, friends, and in te swayn of te sip I was rendered into a pile of body parts, bruisin and bizarre swellin:


Te swellin continued into te nit, and te followin mornin I returned to te sips medical centre and was iven a back slab. Tat is wen te fun really started.

Meet Lone Wolf.

Image Now, unless you ave a firm commitment to makin te best of tins, avin Lone Wolf come alon on a oliday could really make for a crappy time. I tink it is possibly made easier by te fact tat EVERYTIN is fodder for te blo.

But ere are te adventures of Lone Wolf, aboard Carnival Spirit, sailin to New Caledonia…



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