A very bi weekend


Tats meant to be BI, not bi.

And I could totally o and write tis on my tablet or on my beloveds computer, but tat just wouldnt fit in wit te Nauty Corner, would it…

You see, upon returnin ome from te Cruise, i discovered tat my laptop ad decided to trow an almity tantrum. I ave now lost te use of a dozen keys on te keyboard, includin te backspace and te .


Tere is BI NEWS for tis weekend, friends!


You can come up to Newcastle and see me at te Newcastle Writers Festival! Yay! Im oin to be readin on SUNDAY at 11:15am. Te link to et more inomation is ere. Id love to see you tere, so if you come be sure to point yourself out to me.


Tere is a NEW BUTTON on te blo! Look! its tere, on te top rit and column! YES! You can vote for me in Te Peoples Coice round of te Best Australian Blos for 2014. If you click on te button, it will take you to te forms to vote. Just keep ittin NEXT until you find Te Nauty Corner of Social Niceties.

Wo knows, if I win, maybe I will be able to buy myself a new laptop…

Are you oin to come and see me on Sunday?

Are you oin to vote for me?

Are you oin to tell everyone you know in te entire WORLD to vote for me?

Tank you. You rock.




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