All at sea


I’m sitting in fancy lady pants, with fancy lady shoes on, and a fancy lady top on. Do ladies call them tops? Or are they called something like boob gown? So, so much to learn. We’ve just had our first elegant night and my beloved is playing Black Jack. She’s turned into a card shark. I myself have morphed into a cocktail whale. I am very much in love with these coconutty icey beverages. I am yet to learn how to avoid the brain freeze, but to be honest, I do not care.

Life is good.

It’s just a short blog today, to let you know I’m alive and to say g’day. If you are a fan of the Naughty Corner page on Facebook, I’m trying to get photos there.

In fact, if you see any posts by LYNDAL, I’m hoping she will take this as a subliminal message to share some of the less-compromising photos I’ve popped up (when WiFi permits) with the Naughty Corner Page.

Tomorrow I am in the Isle of Pines. We’ve been told to only use toilets for toileting.

Sounds like a challenge to me.


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