The bags are packed and whatever I have forgotten will now stay forgotten.

Where am I going?

My beloved and I are setting sail on the good ship Carnival Spirit. We’re heading to New Caledonia. We’ve been getting ready for this for the last month or so, which explains why I’ve left most things til the last minute. However, the best thing has been the strange little items that have become essential. 

Like the waterproof pouches for our phones (to use to take photos while snorkeling). 

I got a text from my beloved this afternoon, about half an hour after I left her place:

“Baby is there instructions for those waterproof pouches, because my phone is stuck inside one and I can’t get it out.”

<cue the passing of around 20 minutes>

“It’s OK I got it out.”

That, right there, is why I love her so.

That, and because of the face she makes whenever I talk up the benefits of the travel insurance I got for us.

In fact, with our combined characters in mind, I have a feeling our cruise may end up being a bit more like this…

Have you cruised? Any tips for me?




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