Grown Up Lady Clothes


As the countdown to the cruise continues (6 days today!), I’m posting about the preparations. Yesterday I blogged my intent to wax and have already been challenged as to the safety of this decision.

Today, I want to tell you about some purchases: GROWN UP LADY CLOTHES!

Oh yes I did!!

I have a frock to wear. And some lady shoes that aren’t Volleys or Crocs. And I even have new swimmers that don’t threaten to set the girls free every time I hit the water. I’ve embraced online shopping and also the new clothing range that the ever-beautiful Chrissie Swan has created.

Sure, the process hasn’t been easy: I’ve had hygiene seals in peculiar places, been tangled up in those coat hanger loops that come on some tops, performed unnatural yoga poses after trying on a too-small one piece.

Combine this with the rigors of trying to find  new anti-depressant that works, the mysterious disappearance of a plane and the likelihood of the cruise liner I’m going on disappearing, the arm splint, and the impending ten days away from the fur babies, and you could safely assume that things have been a little rough.

But now? The magic pills have been sourced and weaned on to. The shopping is complete. Everything that needed printing has been printed and today, I started to write a packing list.

Then I got bored. Lists. Really? Can’t someone just make me a list? And do I have to fold everything that I pack?


Maybe my beloved can handle the packing…

Do you have a holiday checklist? What are the essential items that I’m likely to forget?



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