Too Legit to Knit


I didn’t come up with that title on my own. I stole it from this:


I had no idea how very strange the world of not smoking can be. You might recall that when I started trying to quit, I began making beanies. Lots of them. When I reached 60, I started making rugs. I made two rugs on same loom I used to make the beanies. Then I started making wrist warmers (because full gloves looked fucking hard).

Then I decided it was time for a change.

And now?

Now, I can crochet.

I’ve tried to do this in the past with no success and lots of swearing. It didn’t help that one attempt occurred when I had a finger full of stitches after surgery. But now, I’m slowing gaining agility with a crochet hook. I made these blankets:  Image   Image

In fact, if it doesn’t require the ability to read a pattern or to do anything fancy, I can make a lot of things.

Like a bikini top for my sister:


I can make slippers and scarves, too.

But my creations are nothing compared to some of the bizarre stuff I’ve come across. People crochet all sorts of shit. Sometimes, literal shit: fact, you can even crochet Oprah Winfrey:

It’s around about now that I am imagining that you might be wondering why on earth I have dedicated a post to bizarre crocheting skills.

The answer, my friend, is simple:

It’s been 236 days since I smoked a cigarette. In three months, it will have been a year. An entire YEAR. It’s kind of weird to think that something that seemed so essential to dealing with life is now something that kinda repulses me. It totally stinks. It’s expensive. But more than either of those things, it sucks up time.

I’ve held firm to the belief that time is the most important thing you can give to someone. Making the choice to spend time with someone is one of the biggest things you can do to value a relationship. You’re stopping your world to just be with. If you want to meet a friend of mine who feels the same way, head on over to her blog at A Little Bit Purry.

Just one more thing: It’s very important to realise that I am not knitting. I am crocheting. Sometimes, I am looming. Knitting is for people who can’t use a crochet hook.

ImageAre you a knitter? Are you a crocheter?

What can you make?

What have you made?


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