Hot Puppies


ImageI was left in a hot car this morning.

My flatmate told me she’d only be a few minutes and checked over her shoulder as she went to the post office.

It was an adventure at first: I examined my face for any newly-sprouted hairs, leaned in closer to see if anything needed squeezing. I did that thing where you pretend to see how still you can look while winding and unwinding the windows, so that it looks like they’re electric (wait, everyone does that, right?).

Hmm. Flatmate still not back.

I picked at the upholstery for a while, then my nose.

Still no flatmate.

It wasn’t until I pissed on her seats that I started to panic. 

What if she NEVER CAME BACK? What if I got THIRSTY?


I started fidgeting. And then, on the other side of the car park, she appeared. All was well.


My beloved and I have three fur babies. Scouty, Harold Bartholomew and Zelda:

Image  Image  Image

I couldn’t fathom the thought of leaving them locked in a car. The idea of letting them roast to death is disgusting. How could anyone do this? You’d think we’d know better by now.

But we don’t.

For some reason, there are still people out there who are OK with allowing their dog to die this way. 

Even if the animal doesn’t die, at best you could downgrade it to torment. 

There’s been a spate of pictures taken local to where I live, of dogs trapped in cars while their owners enjoy the air-conditioning of KMart or Coles. I’m yet to see it for myself, which is why I am not sharing the photos taken to date – I guess with no proof, there is no way I’d want to accuse someone of such an horrific act.

It seems to me that if you have time to take photos of the dog in the car, you have time to call the police or store security. You have time to break a window so that the dog can get air, and so you can give it water. Just taking a photo and posting it online doesn’t convince me you’re an animal lover: show me the action you took to save the animal. 

For me, it comes down to common sense. If the car is parked in the shade, with windows ajar, on a cool day… I’d have to say that yep, I’ve done this. I’ve made the assessment that it would be safe, and done it. And if anyone stood by and waited to see how long I was going to take, they’d see me back at the car within 5-10 minutes. I have done this with my Scouty, and she is fine. I wouldn’t do it in days that are over, say 25 degrees. I wouldn’t do it if I were going to be leaving her for longer than 10 minutes.

If I am going to be any longer?

I make alternate arrangements for her, and I accept the fact that it is too freaking hot to leave my dog in the car.

It’s not hard.

If I see it, my priority is going to be the animal trapped in the car.

Not the photo.

Who’s with me?




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  1. Too true Miss Naughty Corner! Dogs should NOT be left in cars… you however (just let me set the record straight) were left in a car, with the air conditioner running and I only took the prescribed 5-10 minutes to return to you. Not that I would ever compare you to a dog… you’re my lovely human flatmate that is capable of opening windows, turning up the air con and entertaining yourself on your phone (which you could also use to call for help). With love, the flatmate.


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