I don’t know what it says about me – maybe I’m getting old or maybe I’ve become a prude – but I’m totally bored with the way fashion and selfies force recognition of anatomical correctness.

I don’t care that you have labia and a functional cervix: your shorts need to be longer than your bum cheeks.

I don’t care if you have that gap thing happening: I don’t want my newsfeed full of photos of your crotch in a posed casual state on the beach.

I can almost guarantee that my cleavage is going to be more impressive than yours: I don’t want to be forced to look at your boobs.

It’s fantastic that we have a generation of teens who are confident to cheapen themselves show off their bodies. It’s great. The problem I have is twofold.

1. Who are you putting these photos online for? If it really is just for you, then why do they need to be online? If you say you want to inspire others, why not post them into relevant groups, so that other people aren’t exposed to them – but more importantly, so that you aren’t exposing yourself to the wrong people?

2. At what point will it stop? What happens if the next trend is having a flap gap? Enough said, methinks.

i understand that social media and mobile phones are making it really easy to take a photo and share it instantly. I guess what concerns me is that there are people who are scummy, and who are going to use these images for the wrong reasons. Be it fodder for bullying or reasons to fire you; be it stalking and sexualisation or a reason to not hire you – while your intention to post these pictures may be innocent, you can’t rely on them being viewed in an innocent way.

So, to the selfy crowd:

You’re not nothing. You’re more than a selfy or flap gap.

You’re a human being.

Don’t dehumanise yourself.

You’re better than that.


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